Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bone deep angry

I have never been this kind of angry.

When I was in the eight grade someone decided to donate dental floss for all the kids at school. Some of the idiots in my class decided to play with it at recess, making a mess and almost getting people hurt. My girlfriend and I avoided them, because they were being stupid. After recess the teacher read us all the riot act, then told whoever had been out there playing with dental floss to go clean it up. We sat there. We saw no need to volunteer for punishment, we hadn't been stupid.

I didn't buy a house I couldn't afford. I had enough brains to ask the mortgage people straight, simple question and when they couldn't give me straight, simple answers I walked away. I was not stupid. Now not only are my tax dollars going to clean up the mess but it's also going to reward the bankers. I have to pay for someone else's dental floss.

Time to suck it up, take the pain and the lesson, and move on. Those of us who are responsible will buy your house on the other side. We didn't screw up, we do *not* deserve the punishment. We're going to sit here and chat while you clean up your own mess.

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