Thursday, July 31, 2008

On books

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And not just these books.

Candy over at Keeping The Home, honestly one of the strangest women out there, recently said that she was re-organizing her home and putting in a new bookshelf because if she didn't the books would "take over her house". I would give you a direct quote but she doesn't keep links to her archives up. See, people tend to call her on her bullsh*t, which is hard to refute if people can c&p your exact words.

Anyway, in the corner of her living room she has a 6 shelf case which is half full of videos and plants, and she just put in what looks like a sunscreen display rack, which from the way she describes it, mostly holds her bible collection.

She also keeps this long book list on her blog, supposedly to show how well read she is. Mostly non-fiction at the junior high level, many of which she's reading for the umpteenth time through.

Needless to say, I'm not impressed.

I also seriously doubt she's really reading the more difficult fiction. Don Quixote was "funny"? Spare my ___

I'm concerned because she has her own little cult of Candy-ites going on there, who follow her every suggestion and recommendation like it came down from On High. I'm concerned that these young women and their daughters are going to look at her and think that that is the higest you can be, the best you can do.

It's not. And reading is my personal bugaboo.

Let me show you what a well-read house looks like

This is what you see when you first come into my house. I can't really say what's where, but a lot of the hardcover fiction lands here.

This is the case beside my desk. Mostly sewing and knitting books, books on homekeeping, and some inspirational fiction.

The case in the dining room, the one the husband made. All paperback fiction. In the desk beside it are the first editions and leather bounds. I want an all leather-bound library someday.

And I am going to stop there because Blogger is giving me fits about the pictures. We have cookbooks in the kitchen, non-fiction in the office (see those two in the first picture? We have two more of each in the office. Full.) romance by the bed, a full set of encyclopedias, some stashed in closets, some still out in the garage in boxes...the list goes on.

So I guess you could say they have taken over the house.

And before you ask, I've read about 80% of them. I haven't read all the husband's technical manuals or all the encyclopedias. I have read all the fiction.

In a house full of real readers, the books take over. They're friends, you can't just put them out.

And reading the bible over and over and over does not make you a real reader. Sorry.

If you want to read more blogs by some real readers I recommend the very secular Doc and the more religious Dawn.

Now if anyone would like to start a reading challenge, put it in the comments and we'll see what happens.


By the way, I know I have people reading, I can see you on Feedjit over there. So comment already, will ya!

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Milehimama said...

I'm not wanting to start a reading challenge, but I agree with you about Candy's books.

We moved 2 months ago. I had 18 BOXES of books (after selling several and giving more of my precious babies away). They all aren't high literature, but a rather eclectic mix - Pulitzer prize winners next to Hugo award winners next to classics next to fun little fluff.

Oh, and those 18 boxes? That's not including kid books or homeschool books.

That little bookshelf she got won't even HOLD a substantial about of books without buckling.