Sunday, October 26, 2008

One less spot of hate in the world

Looks like Raani/Janine over at baptisthomeschooling blog has decided to make her blog invitation only. Well, good. That's one less spot of hatred, terrorist support, fear-mongering and rabble-rousing to be found by a search engine.

That people weren't willing to put up with that, I believe, is evidence that humanity has grown beyond the morality of the bible.

At least most of us.


Anonymous said...

I was quite intrigued, and did a little chuckle when I found out she went private. Can't spread hate when no one can get to you.

I think it proves the cowardice of such people; they can spew their hate from the comfort of their homes, but when called on it, they close up shop and go into hiding.

One less hate filled, intolerant bigot spewing on the Internet is a good thing.

reclamation mama said...

Maybe we should start our own campaign to spotlight a new "who would Jesus hate" blog every once in a while. I was so appalled by that woman-I ran accross a few hateful comments she left on other blogs too. So much bitterness in one woman. I am not a Christian-but I am pretty sure Jesus was all about love and acceptance.