Saturday, August 30, 2008

Here we go again

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So, in that picture up there breastless, bellyless Sarah Palin, (on the right) the presumptive GOP VP nominee, is six months pregnant.

UPDATE #6 - This is apparently her late in one of her previous pregnancies.



There are a lot of people not buying it today. The rumors, and I must clearly say rumors, are flying.

The two different scenarios go like this:

Option one - The official story

1) Gov. Palin and her husband find out that baby #5 has Down's syndrome. Being Good Christians they decide not to abort. (which I find admirable)

2) After telling all her immediate family, Gov. Palin formally announces in her seventh month. Her staff is shocked since she had shown no sign of pregnancy. Apparently she didn't show, didn't have morning sickness, was never tired, and made no doctor's appointments for the first seven months. (You would think her secretary would know about those) (link)

3) Upon going into premature labor with #5, a known high-risk baby, Gov. Palin proceeded to...give a speech and then fly 8 hours from Texas to Anchorage before going to the hospital, commercial, changing planes at least once. (link) She and her husband then drove another hour to the Mat-Su Regional Medical Center in Wasilla - a hospital that doesn't have a NICU. This knowing that she was having a high-risk baby. (link)

"The stage of her pregnancy was not apparent by observation. She did not show any signs of distress," - Caroline Boren, Alaska Airlines spokeswoman, speaking for the flight crew

According to her doctor, Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, even though her water had already broken and she was 10+ hours into labor, she had to induce.

4) Three days after this high-risk birth, when most mothers are barely able to make the bathroom and kitchen, she was back to work with a full schedule.

According to my husband who works in an ER, when called for a mother past baby #3 most Paramedics joke about bringing a catcher's mitt. It happens just that fast.

Option two - the rumor

1) Gov. Palin's daughter, like so many Good Christian girls, found herself in the family way. She didn't tell her family until well after the chance to procure a quiet little abortion had passed. (I am not saying she would have had an abortion, I am just pointing out the timing.)

2) Out of the blue her mother tells everyone she's pregnant, while her daughter is pulled out of school for the last five months of her mother's pregnancy for "prolonged mono"

3) Upon hearing that her daughter had gone into labor she consulted with the doctor, who said that "Things were already settling down when she talked to me,"
and flew home from Texas.

4) Three days later with her daughter comfortably settled at home with her grandchild, she went back to work.

Now, it's a rumor. No one knows for certain. On the one hand, the chance of having a DS baby shoots skyward when a woman passes 40. On the other, according to some of her high school friends her daughter was having issues with diet pills. She wouldn't be the first girl to try to diet to hide the baby weight, which just can't be healthy. No, that wouldn't cause DS, but I could see it causing something similar.

Anyway, these pictures were taken through out Gov. Palin's last pregnancy.

UPDATE #3: Apparently earlier this morning there was a picture on the official State of Alaska page showing an obviously not-pregnant Gov. Palin. It was linked through this page here, it was the thumbnail on the top right under the find box. I didn't see it, by the time I got there that thumbnail was a dead link. Now all the photos show her sitting or hidden behind things. The original thumbail is here.


UPDATE #4: I do believe in admitting when you're wrong. Here's the picture in question, and it looks like her husband is holding the baby all the way on the left.

UPDATE#5: Even if the official story is true, to me it calls her judgement into question. Your water is broken, you're a month premature, you're having a high-risk baby and you then fly 9 hours and drive another, past a NICU, to give birth at a small, regional hospital because, according to her husband, "You can't have a fish picker from Texas".

If the rumor is true she wouldn't be the first mother to pass of her grandchild as her own. And I doubt she'd be the last, considering the habit, noted here over and over again, of Good Christian girls being unable to keep their legs together.

I do know three things.

1) If it's true, Gov. Palin owes her daughter an apology for putting her in the spotlight by accepting the nod for VP. If it's not she needs to jump on this with both feet and pony up some pregnant pictures. I feel bad for making this post, but I firmly believe the GOP has hurt this country, almost to the point of ruin, and I personally know handfuls of Good Christian woman who are saying they will vote McCain/Palin simply because she didn't abort a DS baby.

If she comes up with the pictures, I will post a retraction.

2) McCain didn't exactly vet his choice for VP well, now, did he? Because apparently these rumors have been floating around Alaska for a while now, and should have been dealt with before hand. (There's also something called Troopergate floating out there, but I have no details on it at all). This does not bode well for an efficient, responsible presidency on his part.

And if the rumors are true, if they are true

3) It's another example of how Good Christian = sexually irresponsible. And do we want that back in the White House?


Let me make this quite clear, this is all internet rumor and my opinion. Take it all with a grain of salt. As I dig up confirming links, I'll add them.

Daily Kos

UPDATE #6 - Here's a video showing her walking down an icy road, in high heels, drinking coffee, with no baby bump, at 8 months. Thirteen days before the baby was born.

Update #7 - Aparently McCain didn't vett his choice at all, really.

"The campaign of John McCain has sent a staff of eight people into Alaska to conduct background checks and vetting on Governor Sarah Palin.

Word is they have have eight rooms reserved at a Wasilla hotel." (link. Note Republican source)

Note#2: I've had at least one person ask my why I published this rumor. I did so, even though it left a bad taste in my mouth, for a couple of reasons.

1) A number of conservative homemaker types have instantly jumped behind Gov. Palin and Sen. McCain simply because of her pro-life stance and her not aborting her DS son. If that is truly the case, I find it admirable. If that is not the case, and that is actually her grandson, I think she needs to tell the truth at this point. Granted, that they kept the baby, rather than encouraging her to abort, is also admirable, but I also think it speaks volumes to the "Mommy" candidate if your daughter is having an illegitimate baby at 16. For me the issue speaks to hypocrisies and honesty.

2) If this is the case, she does deserve to be called out for putting her career ahead of her daughter. Period. Either having the baby herself or adopting it from her daughter is admirable. Putting her under the spotlight and not clearing this up in advance is exactly the opposite. Yes, I know I'm not helping, but someone has to point that out. And I have yet to see anyone in the blogosphere point out that she just threw her daughter to the sharks.

3) I find that the party that calls itself "Conservative" , "Christian", and "for family values" tends to be the one that promotes sexual irresponsibility and tends to produce illegitimate children. In my experience and based on my research, those tend to be the children most at risk of abuse of all kinds. Where as the party that calls itself "Liberal", bears no religious affiliation, and is highly inclusive tends to promote sexual responsibility and encourages wanted children. And in my experience and based on my research, tends to produce better parents and happier children. So in supporting the Democrats, I firmly believe I am supporting family values and making a better place for children. At this point in time that means exposing the hypocrisies and mendacity of the GOP, period.

More on that in another post on another day.