Saturday, November 15, 2008

Another round of tolerance

(From RawStory via Orcinus)

Idaho students chant 'assassinate Obama' on school bus

David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Published: Wednesday November 12, 2008

Madison County, Idaho was once dubbed "the reddest place in America" by Salon, but that didn't make it any less shocking when elementary school children allegedly started chanting "assassinate Obama" on the school bus.

Matthew Whoolery told KIKD News he found out about the chanting from his second and third graders, who had no idea what the word "assassinate" meant.

"They just hadn't heard anything like this before," Whoolery stated. "I think the thing that struck us was just like, 'Where did they get the word and why would they put that word and that person together?'"

Whoolery, a psychology professor at Brigham Young University in Rexburg, is not an Obama supporter, but he was shocked that any public official would be threatened in that way. "I don't think that the majority of people in Rexburg have extreme ideas like that, but we were just surprised that it would go that far," Whoolery told KIKD.

The Madison County School District has sent out an email saying that students are to be told this sort of behavior is unacceptable.

Find more, and video, at the RawStory link above.

Children know. You can say you're tolerant, you're trying to be bipartisan, you're trying to get on with you life, but children always know what's really going on at home.


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