Thursday, January 08, 2009

Another round of Christian Tolerance

From the Denver Post:

Eldora gunman targeted non-Christians

By Howard Pankratz

BOULDER — Derik Bonestroo's confrontation with fellow workers at Eldora Mountain Resort appeared to be a well-planned scheme to kill co-workers who were not Christian, according to investigators from the Boulder County Sheriff's Office.

Bonestroo's "demeanor and tactical style clothing" had all the indications that the 24-year-old Bonestroo carefully planned the face-to-face showdown, according to documents filed Wednesday in Boulder District Court.

That morning, the 6-foot- 2-inch, 200-pound-plus lift operator drove to Eldora Mountain Resort, where a number of lift operators had gathered for an assignment meeting in the pump house.

One of the employees at the meeting, April Wilson, told investigators that Bonestroo walked in dressed in black, carrying a gun, and fired into the ceiling, according to the documents.

He then declared: "If you're not Christian, you're going to die," Wilson said.

At that point, Wilson said, everybody started running out the back door to get away. As she ran into the woods, the 24-year-old Wilson heard an additional four or five shots.

According to an earlier news report, the victim had a wife and two pre-teen daughters, and was an active member of both the community and the local Catholic church.

What do you see?

I see a couple clearly in love and committed. Enough that they would start a business together as well as a family.

I see a family that has chosen to have children, meaning they believe that they are in a good situation and that wanted a child.

I see a boy who was not an accident, who did not force his parents to marry, who will never be resented for his presence.

In short, I see a loving, wholesome, happy family. Far more so than every Christian, hetero couple I've ever met.

And yes, I called Swanson and told them so. I hope they show couples like this in their ad, and other companies follow suit. This is what a healthy family looks like, regardless of the genders of the adults.