Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And why didn't someone else do this?

I'm no graphic artist. I'm sure someone can come up with a better one, or clean up this one.

And how about one for Homemakers for Obama? Any ideas?

Yes, I have to go there

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Now normally I wouldn't use the National Enquirer for litterbox liner, for fear one of my cats would catch the clap. But, as Jonah Goldburg points out:

Whatever the merits of the whole Edwards love child story, are we really supposed to believe that one of America's most famous trial lawyers wouldn't sue a publication that printed defamatory and slanderous lies about him?

Also, it's worth pointing out that while the Enquirer may or may not be scrupulous in its choice of stories — that's in the eye of the beholder — it is pretty scrupulous about its facts. They win lawsuits. They've broken a host of stories the MSM guys couldn't.

They did get Edwards right. They got OJ on the shoes. And is it really all the much worse that the Drudge Report and Bill Clinton?

Yea, I have to go there.
In a world exclusive The NATIONAL ENQUIRER names GOP VP Candidate Sarah Palin's secret lover!

No less than three members of the man’s family including one by sworn affidavit have claimed that Sarah Palin engaged in an extramarital affair with hus­band Todd’s former business partner, Brad Hanson.

These sources have named Hanson as Palin’s secret love, and say their affair nearly wrecked both their marriages.

So, it's looking like St. Sarah may be about as "holy" as the rest of us. Go read the rest here. I am an admitted muckraker, at least on this blog at times, but even I suggest taking this with a grain of salt until it's confirmed by another source.