Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stuff does get done around here

I'm way overdue for a finished projects post.

Among the projects finished recently is this years sunhat.  I made the pattern a few years ago using the Wild Ginger WildThings pattern maker

Made out of cool 100% cotton, which will also shade my scalp from sunburn.  I've done that before, and it's miserable.

It does look a bit wrinkly and rumpled, I know.

But there is a good reason.  See that little, round bag lying next to it?  Well, the frame of this hat is made of the same wire that lets you fold up tents and those sunshades that fit in your windshield, and what not.  (The thing across the top is my bow, which has nothing to do with this post.)

So the whole hat, bow and all, folds down into the pouch and then into your purse.

Rather nifty, if you don't mind a rumpled hat.

Speaking of things that go on your head, I finished a flock of knitted hair slides.

I used the pattern from OneSkein Wonders, but without the I-cord trim, which means they curl a bit.They're good for turning a braid into a bun, very nice on hot days.  And an unused double pointed needle makes a fantastic hair stick.

My last project here is the bag set I finally finished for my MIL.  

Given that they're visiting this week and I promised it to her the last time they came out, I think I finished just in time.

The main bag is the Sassy Bag from Lazy Girl Designs

And the wallet is the Little Wallet from Valori Wells Designs.