Friday, September 12, 2008

Why Patriocentrics scare me

photo © The Jared Wilcurt for CC:PublicDomain

A quote I found from a commenter on one of the boards.
I remember a discussion where the women were talking about how they wouldn’t allow their daughters to go to the bathroom any time they felt they needed to go because it gave them an independent spirit. They spoke of how they would require their daughters (not sons) to ask for permission to use the bathroom first so that they wouldn’t become independent.
No, I don't have an original link. But knowing the Patriocentrics this does not surprise me one bit. This has nothing to do with mainstream Christianity (yet, I hope) but it is a common practice among the BDSM community. Having to ask to go, and in the correct, polite manner, is a way of exerting your will over your slaves.

Pardon me while I go get ill.

About the one good thing I see coming from this election is that most Evangelicals are in the Palin camp (most of them could give a toss about McCain), but the Patriocentricts are very firmly against any woman in any office. So perhaps this will shake off some of the growing influence of the Patriocentric movement in mainstream Christianity.

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That is just plain creepy.