Monday, April 23, 2012

Christians and Gay Children

Twitter is a fabulous place to hear how the vast majority of people really think.

Let's see, under the hashtag #ThingsIGottaTeachMySon we have a choice few...

  1. #ThingsIGottaTeachMySon if you decide 1 day u wanna be gay, don't come home you lil bitch
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    #ThingsIGottaTeachMySon if you be gay...*pulls out whip* I will beat the gay right outta yo ass!
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    #ThingsIGottaTeachMySon don't be gay... Or else I'm putting him up for adoption.
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    #ThingsIGottaTeachMySon ion got none against gays , but Don`t come w/ that Gay shit cause I`m go crack yo fucking skull.
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    #ThingsIGottaTeachMySon You will not be gay in this house. Not up in here. #HellNaw
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    #ThingsIGottaTeachMySon to beat up gays
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    #ThingsIGottaTeachMySon gays are infectious and should be mauled on sight
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    #ThingsIGottaTeachMySon no gays allowed
As an example.  Found here

We have a collection of tips on what to do with gay children.  Namely:

  1. Beat the gayness out of him
  2. Put him up for adoption
  3. Pay a hooker to rape him
  4. Make him uncomfortable at home
  5. Neglect him
  6. Kick him out
  7. Beat him more
  8. Force him to have sex with a girl
  9. Disown him
  10. Disassociate him from your family
  11. Force him to be straight
  12. Torture him
  13. Kill him
  14. Kill yourself
  15. Cut off his body parts
  16. Try again for another, better, baby

Found here, with the tweets in question

And my personal favorite, under the hashtag #ToMyUnbornChild...

100 Real Tweets from Homophobes who would murder their unborn child

A selection:

#ToMyUnbornChild if you so much as think about being a homosexual I'll put a bullet in your damn skull
codie sowders_KidCodie_a month agoShare
    #ToMyUnbornChild u bet not be gay. Because I will hang u at da first sign of gayness!!!
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    #ToMyUnbornChild i'll kill you if you were gay!"
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    #ToMyUnbornChild if you turn out gay, I will burn you alive.
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    #ToMyUnbornChild u betta not be gay mi ahh fi kill u
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    #ToMyUnbornChild If you're gay, I'll kill you.

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    #ToMyUnbornChild if your gay i will prolly kill you
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    #ToMyUnbornChild if you're gay... You will sleep in the oven.
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    #ToMyUnbornChild if you turn gay, ill kill you and make another
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    #ToMyUnbornchild Never sweat these females & you bet not be gay neither or ima hang you from,a bridge and beat you
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    #ToMyUnbornChild if your gay I will kill you!
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    #tomyunbornchild the first time you experience your gay moment I'm stepping on your throat #fuckwitme
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    #ToMyUnbornChild i'll kill you if you were gay!
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    #ToMyUnbornChild if your a girl i will drown you in the bathtub, and if your a guy and your turn into a faggot ill kill you
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    #ToMyUnbornChild I Will Put A Bullet Through Your Skull If You Become Gay...
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    #ToMyUnbornChild If you're gay ima kill you !
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    #ToMyUnbornChild if you turn out gay imma kill you.
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    #ToMyUnbornChild if your gay ill kill you

Now I am compelled to point out that according to Wikipedia 60-75% of Americans identify themselves as Christians.  Which means the vast majority of this list is showing their pro-life Christian compassion.  This also explains my personal favorite:

"#ToMyUnbornChild if your gay i will beat you to death with a bible" 
[The username of this homophobe has been removed upon request]

I would have left his or her name on. But I'm mean that way.

And now for my take on the subject:


I love you.

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