Friday, March 02, 2012

Spathic - Another rebuttal

It's just the day for it. This rebuttal is to Kim at Visionary Womanhood, and was also left in her comments.
Ok, I doubt you will post this but at least you will see it.

1) You husband spotted a woman without a bra a half a parking lot away and watched her for a while. He assumes that if he is watching other women that closely then other men are as well.

2) You husband noticed a woman's nipples getting hard and assumed the group of businessmen standing in the lobby of the hotel also noticed and that's what they were laughing about. They could very well have been laughing at their own jokes.

5) A woman wore a top that may or may not have been revealing by everyone else's standards and your husband looked at her breasts all night. You have no proof that anyone else even noticed but you husband couldn't stop looking at them so you and he assumed that every other man was looking at them all night as well, even though she clearly never noticed this excess of attention.

6) Your husband is "invited" by the way you sit on the floor and assumes other men will also be "invited."

I hate to break it to you dear but the woman at the event was right, this is your husband's problem. I hate to inform you but most men do *not* notice such things. I know my husband is oblivious, I've pointed out extreme dress to him before and even with that he rarely gets it. Please stop blaming the rest of us for your husband's lack of self control and obvious attraction to other women. You might try counseling instead.

Good luck.

I really hope they sort that, but blaming other women for the lack of self-control apparently common in Christian men is getting old.

I think Libby Anne put it best in her post "Who are the real babies? House-proofing and modesty"
As I said, I’m surprised I had never thought of this before. When you’re raised in the movement, even the smallest children are taught to have self control and to not touch what is right in front of their eyes. In fact, it’s considered quite the accomplishment to be able to leave an expensive vase or dish of candy on a coffee table and know that even the child just learning to pull herself to standing won’t touch them. It’s a way of showcasing your children’s obedience and your success at child training.

For some reason, doing the same for adult men – i.e. placing a woman in a miniskirt or low-cut shirt in his line of vision and expecting him to not act on his desires – is unacceptable. Babies have to have self-control. Adult men can’t be expected to have self-control. Parents shouldn’t remove objects of temptation from babies’ line of vision. Women should cover up everything that might prove tempting from men’s line of vision.

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