Thursday, February 02, 2012

Things to do today:
  • Make gratin
  • Make hummus
  • Pick up living room so husband can vacuum
  • Clean out the fridge
  • Wash the sheets
  • Empty all the trash cans (Friday is pick-up day)
  • Finish 10 rows on the lilac sock
  • Organize the "work week"
  • Update blog
Breakfast - eggs and sausage or toast, yogurt, orange juice

Snack - toast with peanut butter

Lunch - M-wrap (ham, swiss, lettuce, sprouts, red onion, tomato, bell pepper, pickles and hummus all on a large tortilla)

Snack - apple and cheese

Dinner - Chicken and gratin (recipe to come)

Snack - cottage cheese and fruit

Currently reading:
Emma by Jane Austen

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