Thursday, January 05, 2012

New sewing room

Image stolen from Su Loves Sew. I lust too.

So the husband and I recently switched personal rooms. This means that I have the smaller of the two spare bedrooms as a sewing room now, which is just the right fit, while he gets to share office/den space with the exercise bike, treadmill, and litter box. Given that we had also cleaned out the garage we managed to get the 6 spare chairs that were being stored in there out as well, and he is currently using the old TV stand as a side table.

Please note the lack of complaints about the smaller space on my end.

I rather wish my room looked as Easter egg pretty as the ones up there. I can't paint, of course, and at the moment I'm working with thrift shop findings for furniture, but it's highly functional and tidy. I'm hoping this will be the year that I get a real desk and real sewing table and perhaps real armoire to store fabric. And hopefully this week-end I'll make up a valance, which ought to help.

Consider this a work in progress.



Everything out in the living room.

Everything back in and being unpacked

And the current state of "done".

Hopefully better pictures to come. And maybe even some finished projects, stay tuned.

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