Sunday, February 07, 2010

Someone wanted a menu

Well, here is February 2010 for you, right here. For some reason the title picture isn't working. I have no idea why.

That takes some seasonal stuff into account, as well as things on sale. I suppose I ought to talk about how we manage pantry inventory and such at some point as well.

Errands day and Laundry day ought to be self-explanatory. Baking day is when I make up the cookies, muffins, and granola for the week, the husband makes the bread and rolls on laundry day, while I'm out of the kitchen. He makes 48 rolls at a time and freezes them for use during the next two weeks, and alternates that with loaves of whole wheat bread for breakfasts and lunches. He works four 12 hours shifts, Thursday-Sunday, and so has Monday-Wednesday off for classes. Housework day is when I do the dusting, moping, and general cleaning. Saturday and Sunday I usually spend sewing.

I also have my notes up for things I particularly want to see on TV, and for projects that must be done soon. The aprons are finished, and I just have a bit more hand work to do on the rag doll.

Recipes, or links to recipes, on request. Or I may just add them here. We shall see.

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