Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another break for current events

The study they are discussing starts here

Which reflects something I've been saying for a long time. If God is responsible for everything, if you never get credit for doing good, if in fact you get credit for doing bad and then applying to him for forgiveness, which is always granted, then why do good at all? Why be moral? Why?

Either God is a right bastard, or else this whole system was invented by people who not only wanted to get away with whatever they wanted to get away with. Not only that, but they wanted people to support it and even play along. They wanted the power, sometimes to get others to do something good, mostly to get others to do something bad.

That the business of religion continues to this day, even though we as a culture have grown more moral than the dogma can be explained in one phrase: "Touch not mine annointed." Really, if you had that much power, would you let the business go? Heck, the tax breaks alone are worth trying to flimflam as many people as possible.

I will finish my deconversion series, there are two more parts, but life is busy here this week-end so please be patient.

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