Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hypocrisy Watch

Mojoy over at Deep Thoughts is keeping a running watch of Pastors and Priests behaving...badly. As in criminally badly. The map is part of the project, showing every incident for the last half of 2009 alone. Click to see how it's shaping up.

The black dots indicate a sexual component to their crimes. Think on that.

Here's a copy of his current list:

Rev. John Wielebski suspended
Rev. Gaston Smith raises ethical questions
Rev. Edgar Sepulveda arrested
Pastor Paul Meeks to stand trial
Student Leader Jordan Vernon arrested
Pastor Dieugrand Jacques arrested
Pastor Kenneth Terrell arrested
Rev. Alejandro Flores discovers he cannot fly
Pastor Dean Tarkington arrested
Pastor Edwin House arrested
Youth Pastor Robert Weber arrested
Pastor Phillip Joubert charged again
Pastor Lloyd Sartain arrested
Pastor Steve Hilman arrested
Pastor Emmanuel William on trial for rape
Archbishop Edgardo Gabriel Storni sentenced
It's only porn and hypocrisy

And that's just what he reported in January 2010. He currently has 766 posts in his hypocrisy watch.

Why does religion crop up in every culture, when there is no proof of a supernatural deity? Maybe because it provides the perfect excuse for a small group to stay in power, have unlimited authority over others, do whatever they want, and not be questioned for it.

Why do they hate atheists so much? Maybe because we don't grant them unlimited authority and power, and we question everything.

Just a thought.


shadowspring said...

I don't hate atheists.

In fact, you are one of my favorites. =)

Annie C said...

Why thank you. You're one of my favorite Christians. :)

Corrie said...

Ditto what Shadowspring says. :-)

I like that you me me think, Annie. I also like how you point out the gross hypocrisy in Christianity. I am a Christian but the blatant hypocrisy, especially of the "leaders", is enough to drive many believers out of the Church and cause them serious disillusionment.

CannedAm said...

I've always found it deliciously ironic that the cult in which I was raised is directly responsible for my skepticism. They're the ones who pointed out the flaws in every other denomination's teachings. They'd point them out and pore them over. Along about 15, I applied the same logic to their own teachings and said, "AHA! Caught ya!"

Delicious, isn't it?

There was a news special on here a couple weeks ago about the 7th dayers and their conspiracy to hide and protect pedophiles in their midst. Monday one came a knocking...

I didn't tie him in a sack, though.