Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another child-loving Christian

In case you're wondering, right under the ultrasound it reads -

"Well, lucky, lucky me, I'm having yet another piss-spraying, fist-wielding, shit-smearing, son. Yeah, how 'bout that? He TOLD ME to conceive, I obeyed, and my blessing is to get screwed on the girl I really wanted."

A loving god sends a child to a mother like that? Or tortures a woman with a child she clearly doesn't want?

Give up on the whole god myth thing and take responsibility for your self already. If you don't want children take the pill, tie the tubes or keep your legs closed. If you want to try for a girl accept that you have a 50-50 chance of a boy and either live with it or give him up for adoption. There are thousands of couples in this country that will absolutely cherish that boy.

But you watch, as a good Christian she will keep him home and ruin his life and her own with her hatred. Because "God wants it that way".


aratina said...

LOL Anne, I thought this was a Christian feminist blog until I got down to this post because of the (obviously fake, silly me) Christian ministry number on the sidebar.

Annie C said...

No, the Christian ministry blog is real, and is the best resource I could find for Christian kids trying to escape abuse.

On the other hand, you were right in that this isn't a Christian feminist blog. It's a very cranky agnostic's very feminine feminist blog. *g*