Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

And why not...

For Today...

Outside my window... It's gray and drizzly and cold for out here. Too cold, after a warm spell, the trees are already budding out and a hard freeze will ruin all the crops in the valley. Oh, I hope it doesn't get too cold.

I am thinking... That we desperately need more snow, but those clouds simply will not let go. Which doesn't add with the idea of a freeze, but snow lands on the mountains and gives us water for spring, while a freezing fog will settle into the valley.

From the learning rooms... Time to figure out how many pages I want to read in my texts. I may not be able to afford to go back to college but if I can homeschool a child (eventually) I can certainly homeschool myself.

I am thankful for... Having a working heater. We almost didn't start it back up before we went to Denver, but now I'm glad we did. It's chilly!

From the kitchen... I made homemade granola last night, and the house still smells so good. Tonight it's a simple bean skillet dish.

I am wearing... denim skirt, lavender long sleeve t-shirt, a lavender calico apron, lavender headband, and my usual around the house shoes

I am reading... Wishcraft by Barbara Sher, and trying to decide what books I want to cover in the 52 book challenge on Ravelry

I am hoping... We finish cleaning out the garage next week. Once that's done we can start on my sewing room, and then the rest of the house.

I am creating... Long fingerless mitts for friends. I'll finish the last mitt in the next day or two, but then the project will have to go on hold until I can head south and pick up one more ball of yarn to finish the last mitten.

I am hearing... The TV in the apartment upstairs, as my neighbor catches the game. He's a sportscaster and tends to get rather loud while he's watching.

Around the house... Lots of laundry to fold, and a batch of dishes to wash too. Really, all the kitchen chores, I am running shamefully behind today.

One of my favorite things... is settling in with a cup of tea on a cold afternoon. Which I will do as soon as I go finish those kitchen chores.

A few plans for the rest of the week... The dentist on Monday for me....then taking the books from the garage to the used book store and trading them in for new ones....and some waymarking with my husband.

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