Friday, January 30, 2009

Rot from within

Found in the directory of CAPITA, at the School of Engineering, Washington University, via Google


Now, everyone go here. Read this.

Blackwater: Guns for Hire or Trojan Horsemen?

Could not to a better job than Cynthia did. Could not. Thank you for this.

More on Blackwater

The New York Times


CJ said...

Thank YOU, Annie!

CJ said...

Hey, I checked my sitemeter this morning and it looks like my article got the attention of certain folks -- I've had a bunch of hits from the Defense Department, and from "" -- that's the Army's ISP, "143.81.248.# (Headquarters, USAAISC)" located at Fort Huacucha, Arizona.

Fort Huachuca is the home of the 111th Military Intelligence Brigade, which conducts training in training in human intelligence (e.g. interrogation, counter-intelligence), imagery intelligence, and electronic intelligence and analysis, etc.

A little over one year ago, it was reported that Blackwater along with the Carlyle Group were among five companies in line for portions of a $15 billion Pentagon contract to counter "narco-terrorism" have operations in Arizona.
Since 2004, there have also been allegations that Fort Huachuca has been linked to the teaching of abuse or torture techniques that were used in Abu Ghraib and elsewhere. In October 2007, two Roman Catholic priests, Louie Vitale and Steve Kelly, were sentenced to 5 months imprisonment for trespassing after refusing to depart the installation when authorities refused to accept a letter that would have formally acknowledged a link between Fort Huachuca and training in torture methods.

For more, go here:

Priests Protesting Torture at Fort Huachuca Jailed for Justice