Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Point

A quote from gracchus, which I think needs more press:

The GOP is run by rich folks, and basically looks after their class interests; low taxes, no estate taxes, helping out business. However, there are not enough rich folks to elect a president, even if you count the toadies, the hangers-on, the wanna-bes and the folks who think they're rich but aren't. So the party has to use the religious right as its actual voters, and this group includes a fair number of folks who AREN'T rich.

To gather this group in, the GOP promises, but doesn't deliver, a return to a simpler age where abortion was done in back allies, gays were closeted family men who could be thrown in jail and the black folks and the Jews knew their place. It's been a 30-year exercise in stringing these folks along. The rich people who pay for the party have neither interest in making good nor incentive; once abortion is made nationally illegal a lot of the religious right probably won't bother turning up to vote.

Think about that last line:

once abortion is made nationally illegal a lot of the religious right probably won't bother turning up to vote.

Really, if you are one of the single-issue voters out there, one who started out not wanting either candidate because neither was firm enough on Row v. Wade, and who then embraced Palin simply because she didn't abort that baby, think about that. If abortion was illegal, would any of the rest matter enough to get you out to vote?


No, abortion will never be illegal in this country. The only way to end it is to end the need for it. With education, birth control availability, financial help for those who want to keep their babies, and both incentives and a serious cultural shift toward adoption as an alternative.

You know, the so-called liberal, socialist agenda.

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Dave said...

This was the thesis of Thomas Frank's book "What's the Matter with Kansas". If you haven't had a chance to read it, I'd recommend it.

Unfortunately, there's no end of issues that the Republican party can dangle in front of the religious right to gain their vote. If abortion goes off the table, gay marriage comes onto the table. As long as there is any sort of social progress (which is inevitable) there will be those who oppose it based on tradition. The irrational fear that any change will lead to complete breakdown of society and anarchy will drive them to the ballot box to oppose it.