Saturday, September 06, 2008

The sum of the hypocrisy

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While many pundits have wondered whether social conservatives will recoil from the news that Palin's 17-year-old daughter is five months pregnant, they're clearly not grasping the mores of that community. If Bristol Palin were the daughter of Democratic parents, she would undoubtedly be held up as an example of the failures of a liberal, permissive culture. Instead, she is viewed — as are the majority of teenage mothers in Evangelical churches — as a Christian who sinned, is forgiven, and needs to be embraced and supported.

- Amy Sullivan for Time Magazine, Are Evangelicals Really Sold on Palin

Viewing a teen mother as someone who is forgiven, and needs to be embraced and supported is sending the message that teen sex is acceptable, and that teen sex pregnancy will earn you many rewards, like being able to get out of school, all those gifts, job offers, the chance to move away from your parents, and of course, being able to get married and have more sex. All the while Grandma and the other church ladies will take care of that little bundle of annoyance for you. And of course, God doesn't mind, you're forgiven.

Saying that you are against teen sex, and for abstinence, while publicly embracing and supporting teen mothers is hypocrisy, plan and simple.

Liberals view teen pregnancy as a horribly stupid mistake. That sends the message that teen sex is a choice that must be made with care and responsibility. Because having to leave school ruins your future, and YOU are responsible for taking care of that baby and getting that job. YOU were stupid and didn't use birth control, or didn't try something else. And YOU will have to live with the consequences for a long, long time.

Because of that, liberal parents tend to give their children ALL the information they need to make careful, responsible choices. Because we don't want them making mistakes based on ignorance. We expect them to be intelligent (we do not consider intelligence to be elitist) and so we give them knowledge.

Which is the way it used to work in this country. Back in those good ol' days.

Hypocrisy. Plain and simple.

Now if y'all want to continue to encourage your daughters to be sluts and your boys to act like rutting bulls, go right ahead. Tell them God has the responsibility for the sexuality, show them that they will get rewarded for their bastard offspring, and then step back and allow the heat cycles to begin, just like any other dumb animal. Do what you want, I won't even look.

But don't you cut off the choices for me and my family, don't you dare. You do not have that right. Even if you believe that God sees birth control as murder it is not up to you to answer to God for me.

Back off.

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