Monday, September 08, 2008

Disconnect v.1.0

photo © Adrian van Leen for CC:PublicDomain
Like a ripple in a pond, the troopergate scandal gave birth to the sexual harassment scandal, which was just a blip on the megamedia radar screen. Troopergate looks at whether Palin fired a state commissioner for not firing a state trooper, who coincidentally was divorcing her sister. Palin replaced the fired state commissioner with a fellow fundie who was officially reprimanded for sexual harassment. While the national media went on vacation, Alaska media wanted to know why she appointed a known sexual harasser.
On July 25th, Kopp announced his resignation at a press conference with Palin and both indicated that he had been smeared. Kopp stated that while he has been "portrayed in a negative light," his "personal worth was found in the person of Jesus Christ."
"I'm A Christian, I've been Saved! I know I've been Saved, I've been saying it for years now! God gave me a pass on any and every sin I commit and law I break when I was Saved. Once Saved, Always Saved. Why are you acting like I've done something wrong, I've been forgiven!

It's not like I have to be a good person or follow any rules or anything, that's works and we're not supposed to do works, we're supposed to let God take care of it all. I gave God the responsibility when He Saved me, he's responsible for all my actions, I'm not. Taking responsibility is works! I'm just a sinner, after all. Just go look at Him, he's covering me, I'm as worthy as He is!"


Yes, those of us out here in the secular, reality based community hold individuals responsible for their actions, not mythic deities. Sorry if this came as a shock.

Read the compendium these quotes came from, and more about Troopergate and Harrassergate here on The DailyKos.


Anonymous said...

Hey, have you seen this blog? It is interesting reading, even if it does make my stomach churn.

Annie C said...

Oh, I'm going to have to look at that one. Thankfully I have a high snark tolerance.