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Another reason to reject organized Christianity

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Talk to sex abuse counselors and you will be shocked. Church is one of the safest places for predators. Pedophiles are known to even go to the pastor of a church and tell them their history. Of course the pastor has to keep the confidence (he thinks) because the guy says he is repentent. Over time, the pedophile abuses, leaves and seeks another church to do the same thing. Some pastors think they can’t even warn the other churches!

As to pastors and staff abusing…think about it…all we hear these days is about their ‘authority’, “office” and their special ‘anointing’ as men of God. The kid sees how the parents respect and honor the special ‘authorities’…so what kid is going to talk under those conditions? It is a perfect environment for a predator.

- Screen name Lynn

She makes a good point. After all, if you're repentant, or if you've confessed, or if you've given your sin over to God, or whatever you want to call it, the priest or pastor can't say a thing to warn anyone. And the rule of "touch not my anointed" protects priests and pastors and deacons and everyone else in a church leadership.But she's also forgetting the rule of "Once saved, always saves." Which means it doesn't matter to God if you rape little kids, you're saved. You're going to heaven anyway.

But the people who turn to the secular world, to CPS and the courts and the media, well, they're not following Matthew whatever the verse is They're not applying good biblical methodology. They might even be apostate, or whatever it's called, and not even be truly saved. They're just not Christian.

Now, I will grant you I have met some truly good and responsible Christian people, mostly through the forum where I found that quote. But nearly all of them have been good and responsible at one time or another by going against their church. And if you read their stories, all of them were told that their actions were unbiblical and unchristian, whether it was to leave an abusive husband or to stop a child predator or to have surgery to save their own lives so they could live to raise their surviving children. And all of them have stores about how remarkably good and kind the secular world has been to them at those difficult times. And yet their church, their faith, is still so wonderful, better than anything secular. It's a huge blind spot from what I can see.

Let's face it folks, all Christianity, and all organized religion is, is a giant Get Out Of Jail Free card, an excuse to do whatever you want to whoever you want, and your great mythological deity in the sky will forgive and forget every time. And when those of us out here in the secular world, who actually expect you to behave like am adult and a decent citizen call you on your actions, either by actually expecting you to take that bundle of joy home and be responsible for it or moving your children to a safe home or by sending you to prison, then we're persecuting you and you'll just be that much more rewarded in heaven.

Why is it that the secular world can't stand you? Because you use your deity like a crutch to keep from growing up and taking responsibility for your own lives, let alone trying to make the world a better place. And you end up leaving a wake of ruined lives behind you. We're the ones who have to pay for your poor after they send all their money to the preacher. We're the one who have to look after your kids after you abuse them for ruining your lives when you gave the responsibility to that mythic deity and he didn't come through. We're the victims when you decide to steal or rape or go shooting up a liberal, secular church.

And then you say you're a Christian, and you're forgiven and you're saved?

And you wonder why we're sick of you?

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