Thursday, June 19, 2008

Who I am

No attribution. That's me and the husband a few years back.

Well, Candy did a "Who I am" post on her blog, to clear up any misconceptions we may have had about her. Then Kelly did one over on the apologetics blog in reply. It looks like an interesting exercise to me, a chance to get to know one another. So I'm stealing the idea. Why not.


Who I am

1) I suppose it depends on what you consider a Christian. I'm an agnostic theist by belief, Catholic by family tradition, Unitarian Universalist by political leaning. If there was a UU church in town I'd go every Sunday, after the Catholic Mass.

I don't regularly read or study the bible. I personally find more value in studying history and people.

2) I am a die-hard practical cynic with a cranky attitude. Especially when it comes to politics and my fellow man. On the other hand, I have a very comfortable life and a lot to be grateful for. I think that sense of gratitude helps to balance things out. I'm also very polite. The husband learned a phrase in the Marine Corps, "Do not mistake my kindness for weakness". Well, don't mistake my politeness for niceness or submission either.

3) I'm not dresses only. I routinely wear shorts and a t-shirt around the house, although I'm planning to make dresses to wear instead because I think being a homemaker is a valuable job that deserves the kind of dignity a proper dress can bring. I do wear dresses outside of the house, unless I'm going to physical therapy. I don't wear jeans for a simple reason...they chafe.

I wear loose shorts and t-shirts when exercising, and a plain, modest tank suit to swim. I thought about one of those swim dresses with the leggings, but I believe modesty is about not calling attention to yourself, so those suits are as immodest as a bikini to me.

I don't wear makeup. It gets in my eyes and my husband thinks it makes me look weird.

I look good in denim jumpers, and with very long hair. This does not make me a patriocentric or conservative anything.

4) I plan to homeschool but, no kids yet. Yes, my husband and I believe in planning your family and in not having children until you can clearly afford them, and no more than you can clearly afford. While we are pro-life, we are definitely not Quiverfull by any means. We believe humans were made to take control of their own reproductive lives, or else we would have a heat cycle like other animals.

I believe that if you are going to have children, their needs come first, before your own career or spending habits. I believe that means someone has to stay home to take care of them. I do not believe that it matters which partner stays home, or if they share the load. And yes, I said partner, I believe same-sex couples make excellent parents. Primarily because they also plan their families, and never see children as an unwanted mistake, at least in my experience.

5) I knit, I quilt, I embroider, I sew most of my clothing, I cook and bake from scratch, I garden. And I love all of it, I admit it. I try to keep a list of ongoing projects in my sidebar. I also have a list of books and music I recommend.

6) I read like a fiend. Really, a book in a day is not that unusual for me. I did Pride and Prejudice in a week, To Kill a Mockingbird in an afternoon. And the husband is just as bad, we have 6 shelf bookcases in every room except the bathrooms, and they are all full. Two rooms are lined in books. We've read them all, still have some in the garage we need to unpack, regularly give them away and acquire more. Terrible, terrible book hounds.

I owe way too much in library fees.

7) I do not believe in corporal punishment of any kind. I believe if your child has done something so naughty as to warrant a spanking than you, the adult, who should have been in control of the situation and your temper is at fault. And as a mandatory reporter I have no problem calling CPS if I find out a child was spanked with an object, including a rod, belt, or plumber's line.

8) I do not drink kombucha tea, nor will I. I also don't make my own buttermilk, or cream cheese, or what have you. I think fermenting dairy products in your cupboards is a serious health risk and potentially harmful for your family, as is drinking bacteria and mushroom ooze. I think cold storage is one of the blessings of modern life.

On the other hand I studied wine making in college and have no problem fermenting juices under the sink. Since I know how to do so safely and check for unwanted growth.

9) I am a liberal who has no problem paying taxes as part of the social contract. I'm also an egalitarian who believes that there is no God-ordained hierarchy between men and women. When I married my husband we were in no way any kind of practicing Christians. Instead we were part of a matriarchal culture, one that puts women and women's needs above men. But as I got to know my husband I realized I had to consider him my equal and put his wants and needs at the same level as mine. As a result we left that culture behind. Neither of us could live in a patriocentric society, our lives would come to a stop.

I also believe that women should go to school, college, and have the same work opportunities as any man if they so choose it, with the sole exception of being on the battlefield. And that only because we need to change society enough that they would be safe from our side as well. Yes, this means I believe women can be exceptional fire fighters and police officers and fighter pilots and members of the military. I have known exceptional women who are all of the above.

I also believe women should vote, have their own finances, own their own property, be independent when they turn 18 or finish college, don't need covering by their father, or anyone else. I believe that women should have the skills to support themselves even if they are married and stay-at-home, because you never know what life will bring you. To that end I hold a teaching credential, just in case.

I do not believe daughters were put on this earth to be helpmeets to their fathers, I believe daughters and sons are gifts on loan to their parents, with the expectations that their parents will teach them to make the world a better place with their own unique skills and gifts. I believe children have no obligation to their parents in exchange for being born or for receiving an education except the obligation of passing such gifts on to their own children. I believe parents should plan for, and take responsibility for, their future retirement and care assuming no help from their children whatsoever.

I believe the fact that I have to say all this is disturbing.

10) I'm a stay at home housewife, but I do like to volunteer. I make caps for the birth center at the Catholic hospital where my husband works, and bears for the ER to give to the little ones who need some comfort. I help out at their big annual Christmas fund raiser every year. I planned to volunteer more hours this year, either at the hospital or at the St. Vincent de Paul soup kitchen, but the high gas costs are keeping me home.

I also spend my time gaming online, where I hang out with most of my friends. No, I'm not going to tell you where.

And one more...

11) I hope to start learning Arabic and the piano this year.


I also don't moderate comments. If your arguments are illogical, your tone offensive, your words angry or off color or negative they reflect on you, not me. I take responsibility for my words, yours are your own problem. So if anyone wants to post, have a blast.

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