Thursday, June 05, 2008

On not being surprised

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So CNN is reporting on the ongoing issues down at the FLDS ranch. I find it telling that the Judge sent the children back just days before the DNA test results came back. I wonder who got to her. That, to me, indicates the level of religious control in parts of this country.

I find it even more telling that only 36 of the fathers at that ranch submitted themselves for DNA testing. To me that means that 36 of the men can stand there before God and man and say they never raped or abused anyone, and they have no reason to be afraid. Those men deserve their children back. Period



No because even if the mother is now and adult, if her children were born before she was 18, or perhaps 16 with the paperwork from her parents allowing her to marry, and you were over 16 or 18 or whatever the age is in Texas, and you fathered her children, you just committed statutory rape. The child in question just became the proof. Yes, even if the mother is now of legal age. And while I'm sure someone is going to say that giving up your DNA for testing is in violation of the 5th amendment, I don't think you can be trusted not to go spreading your DNA where it shouldn't be.

To me these men just admitted they raped little girls, and they are now afraid of being caught. Period.

Now, how much do you want to bet that these criminals break the law again, and violate a court order, and take these girls off to another country, where they can keep raping them?

All I can do is pray for the protection of their hearts and minds and souls. And pray for justice on those who would hand millstones around the children's necks.

The FLDS, and the patriocentrists who supported them.

Granted I'm still deciding on who to pray to, because a Lord who would allow this, who is praised by these people, who would give those women child after child while those who would love and cherish those children, who would keep them safe and teach them discernment and love, are given trial after trial, be it medical or legal, is not a Lord I can follow.


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