Friday, March 28, 2008

How to knit socks

Knitting class, Henry Street Settlement, NYC, by Lewis W. Hine, 1910 (LOC). Found through Creative Commons

I was going to make a very snarky post about why you never see Patriarchal women discussing knitting on their blogs. Granted you see them sewing clothing all the time, but it's usually very modest dresses in very feminine prints and styles. Vision Forum doesn't even have a beginners knitting kit in their catalog, although they do have some beginner embroidery kits, doll dress patterns, and a beginner quilt kit is a perennial favorite. But never knitting. You would think this would be the perfect way to relax, express themselves, and do something quintessentially American Female. But no, you never see it.

I thought it was odd. Maybe knitting was too hip for them. Maybe the Yarn Harlot was too much a feminist. Maybe Ann and Kay were a little too out there. And Lord knows, Knitty even did an issues about sex.

Well I went to LAF, just to double check, since she does have all the best links, and I have to take back the words I had yet to even write. Jennie does have a post there on knitting. Specifically the best tutorial on sock knitting I've ever seen. I'd forgotten I'd even seen it.

Well, color me mistaken.

But I can see why VF wouldn't carry a knitting kit. Who knows where learning to knit might lead.

Please note, that last link is NOT safe for children or work.


Angel said...

Okay, that last link was just such a right way!

Anonymous said...

If you are going to use a photo from my website I'd appreciate it if you would put a link and explanation. It is afterall, copyright theft.
Robin Stokes

Annie C said...

Sorry Robin, my bad. I thought a picture that old would be open. Thanks for pointing that out.