Saturday, February 23, 2008

Still trying to absorb


And the idea that discrimination leads to bad health due to stress levels. Especially this sentence...

Children living in the most socially disadvantaged settings (poor, minority, low-education and without parents) have four times the risks of poor health, regardless of health insurance and access to healthcare. One study of Canadian children, ages 6 to 10, found that those from low socioeconomic families had significantly higher stress cortisol levels than same-age children from high socioeconomic families.

High cortisol levels. As in Cushing's syndrome, or Pseudo-Cushing's syndrome. She's arguing, I believe, that obesity in and of itself doesn't lead to health issues, it's the increased stress due to discrimination based on obesity.

Or on being Jack's red-headed stepchild, the supposed lesbian, who's not really a woman under those clothes. And so on, and on. After all the lies he told about me to isolate me, is it any wonder I was discriminated against, on top of being discriminated for being fat and living in California. Up to and including crappy health care that let to my back problems now.

I still need to get my back fixed, but now that I'm in a better place, and head space, well the possibilities could be endless.

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