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What I finally posted on the subject

(Note - 02/21/2008 - The post was originally made on 02/04/06. I kept this post up because it states what I believe when it comes to child raising. And it's just as true now as it was then. These were responses to a debate on a board involving religion and homemaking. - AC)

These are the two posts I put on that board concerning corporal punishment. I'm just going to copy them here, since I'm still pretty upset. I posted the first the same day as my last post here, the second today. I'll talk about it all later.


Earlier this year my husband, whom I met and married in the Pagan faith, decided to convert
to Catholicism. I have been following his lead, and re-exploring my faith. I have also been
exploring my role as a wife and homemaker. To that end I discovered the LAF site, and with
Mrs. Chancey's urging, came here to find fellowship for my roles as wife and Christian.

I tell you ladies this, if I honestly thought the Lord wanted me to beat my children for any
reason, I would return to Paganisim now, and I would take my children with me. If I thought
the Lord wanted me to treat them in such a way I would never allow them on church grounds
and I would banish the Bible from my home as a source of evil.

As it is, the thought that I was praying Old Testament prayers with my husband earlier this
evening is turning my stomach.

You see, during my time as a Pagan I also took up an alternative lifestyle. I spend many
years as part of the BDSM community. In fact, I still consider myself a member of that
community. As part of that lifestyle I experienced, as an adult, many of the disciplines
described in Lori's post. I have leaned against a wall while a paddle ("chastisement tools")
was applied to my bottom. I have taken cane (rod) strikes on the thighs. I have even been
whipped. I know firsthand how those punishments can hurt and humiliate. I have also learned
how to give such blows, safely, and without causing any permanent damage, to a fellow,
consenting adult.

The thought of doing so to a child is the single most evil and disgusting thing I have ever

If I had not been beaten and harmed as a child I may have never left the church. If I had
not been beaten and harmed as a child the desire to be hurt and humiliated my never have
become part of my sexuality. Most of those I know, from both communities, were beaten and
harmed as children, in the name of God.

"And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. But if anyone causes
one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a
large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea."

Matthew 18: 5-6

To protect myself and my family I must leave this board. I still have not decided if I need
to leave the church as well.

Good by


I am starting a seperate post on this topic. I felt it very important that this not become
lost in the shuffle of posts. The reasons will become clear.

Well, I am not entirely certain how to put this....

First off, after a long series of talks with my husband and our Priest, I have decided not
to leave the Catholic church. They have reassured me that our church does not endorse
corporal punishment in any way. And my husband and I have been reassured both by our
church, by careful reading of the Bible, and in prayer that our choosing not to practice
corporal punishment is correct.

My husband has challenged me to stay and provide and example to the ladies here whom I
believe have been misled. He pointed out that Jesus dined with prostitutes and tax
collectors, and other known to be sinners. He showed them mercy, and led by example.

(And no, I am not calling anyone here a prostitute or a tax collector. And just in case,
last I looked it was not a sin to work for the IRS :) )

I must say this. Out of respect for Mrs. C*** and Mrs. C*** I will not bring up the
subject. If it is brought up, I will express my feelings on the subject. I believe this
practice is sinful and evil. Sinful because it can lead a child to sin later in life, and
evil because it can drive a child away from their family and from God.

After a careful reading of the posts on the subject I believe our moderators disagree with
my beliefs on the subject. However, I do not believe they mean to silence all opposing
voices, only to try to discourage strife on this board. Again, I pledge not to bring up
this subject.


You ladies must know that I am a volunteer with our local Sheriff's department. As such I
am what is known as a mandatory reporter. If I encounter a situation that I percieve to be
abusive, by law I must report it to the proper authorities. After a discussion today with
Sheriff W. I have been instructed to report any description of corporal punishment that I
consider to be excessive or abusive to our local cyber crimes unit and to
This will include screenshots of the topic thread. If either agency also finds that a child
may be in danger due to the actions described, they may track back the ISP and report it to
the appropriate police department for further investigation.

I know many of you ladies, and many others who believe that the Bible instructs you to
practice corporal punishment live in fear of Child Protective Services. This message is not
meant to cause you greater fear, but only to inform you of what my faith, my conscious, and
the law tells me I *must* do.

If the moderators feel they must ban me for this, then so be it.

Now, to the ladies who were so upset by my post the other day....

I know that I can stand before my husband, my Priest, and my God and clearly say that I have
never, and will never practice corporal punishment with any child. I feel no guilt or fear
from this decision, only a clear sense of peace in my heart. You seem to be quite fearful,
that your families will be destroyed, or that you will be persecuted, or that your faith
will be taken from you because of someone finding out that you practice corporal punishment.
Based only upon reading what you have written, and sensing the fear, panic, and guilt
behind your words I must suggest that you seek further prayer on this subject. I must
suggest that you question those teachers who have told you that this is Biblically correct,
and is the Will of God. And I must suggest that you seek to hear His voice on this subject.

Thank you for reading this.


edited later

About 20 min after the second posting I was banned from the site.

My take: If they honestly believed what they were doing was complete just, right, and good why were they afraid to keep me around?

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